Strander MTP / STR (1-4-1)

Key Features

  • User friendly touch screen display with PLC control
  • All parameter will be shown by display.
  • RPM/TPM adjustment by display.
  • Weight & Meter set point.
  • Denier & Twisting calculator in display.
  • Door location warning.
  • Machine lubrication warning.
  • A.C. Drive fault alarm indication.
  • 100 program memory storage facility.
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly report system. (Direct save in excel format)

Optional Features

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity system for computer.
Available Model MTP/STR-4 MTP/STR-16
Diameter Range 4mm to 16mm 16mm to 35mm
Twist per Meter Twist per flyer speed Twist per flyer speed
Rope Lay S&Z S&Z
Yarn Distribution Three Stage by Reeve Ring Three Stage by Reeve Ring