Company Profile

Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd. (MTPL) is an innovative company for rope making machine fit braiding machine. Earlier, it was known as Mahesh Mechanical Works (MMW). MMW was established in 1985 with the vision of Mr. B. D. Patel. Initially, MMW was manufacturing only needle loom and then in the year of 1998, it has started manufacturing Rope Making Machines. Now, MTPL is spread over 18000 Sq. Meter land and building area with 5 operational units which give extended facilities for manufacturing In house to make most advantageous fit durable machines. MTPL intend to manufacture entire line of Polymer rope making by launching Extruders for PP Danline, HDPE Monofilament fit PP Fibrillated Tape. Extruders, with latest technology, excellent output and best in industry Automation.

By using what we learn fit learning from the best, we Manufacture products –“The world seeks out”.

MTPL produces high quality machines, strong designs and reliable equipments for making ropes and other application related to it. Over the years MTPL has built a reputation of being one of the most respected market leaders.

MTPL machines are ‘CE’ approved. MTPL is the most preferred brand across the globe for Rope Making Machines and Accessories catering to the wide range of industries and applications. Our persistent commitments to Quality, well-equipped Manufacturing Facilities, focus on Research and Development and understanding of customer needs have propelled our growth to a leading global manufacturer. Our machineries are combined facility of both stranding and closing. In order to manufacture rope, raw materials like Nylon, Cotton, Jute, Sisal, Manila, HDPE, PP Dan line a TAPE (Fibrillated awithout Fibrillated), Elastic and Fiber lass can be used in our machines. MTPL holds Industrial coverage in Polymer a Polyester ropes industry, Textile, Jute and Sisal industries, Woven sack industries, Fishing net a twines industry and etc.

For yielding, superior grade products without compromising on quality, we have established a spacious high-tech manufacturing facility. It is equipped with fully-automated machinery and the latest technology. Furthermore, our facility incorporates ultramodern hardware and software components which make us work more productively and smoothly.

MTPL has global presence in more than 60 countries. MTPL has built up dealer network for customer’s local support in more than 30 countries covering Entire Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, Central America, South America, Middle East, North Asia, East Asia and South East Asia.

MTPL Machineries are working in almost all the states of India with large, medium and small scale rope manufacturers to their fullest satisfaction.