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Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Manufacturer & Exporters of Rope Making Machines. The company holds a significant share of the Indian Market as well as have customer base in Global Presence. MTPL produces high quality machines, strong designs and reliable equipments for making ropes and other application related to it. Over the years MTPL has built a reputation of being one of the most respected market leaders.
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Braiding machines new models

Recently we delivered a new braiding and automatic bobbin winder from our range. Requested by EU market, we add to our range 16 carrier braider horngear diameter 120mm with 2 heads and 2 engines. It expand its model line beside 16carrier 2 heads with 1 engine and super economy version 16 heads/4heads for mass production.

Another new model is fully automatic 2-head bobbin winder for large bobbins 87x324mm A17 for machines horngear diameter 168mm. Equipped with individual meter wheel counter for each head, its a great step in order to save waste material from unfinished bobbins. Touch panel brings new level of user friendly operation of the machine.

MTP/E16-4128 in Spain

The peak among recently delivered machines is certainly our 3rd biggest model in our range, the rope making machine MTP/E16-4128 with 4 strands and rope range up to 40mm diameter. Require 2x 40ft containers to transport and more then 12,5 meters, when fully assembled together. 

HH Braiders

The latest batch of braiders brings an interesting special braiding machine for collecting mussels from the sea. It can be a standard 16 or 24 carrier braiding machine, with a special rotating assembly, to create a new home for mussels, on this special rope. The world of braiding have always some little secret to reveal.

Mussel rope special braider


Machine MTP/E3-336 makes some nice cheese packages indeed. There used for juta or delicate cotton material, winding on the tube with max. package size OD350 x TR350mm.

This type of machine with its innovative cheese package instead of standard coil package becoming our hot seller. And with the completely ABB electronically controlled system like our bigger models, it’s so easy to work with. 

The customer’s other bigger machine MTP/E12A with coil package, makes some nice cotton ropes, too.

Techtextil in frankfurt, germany - moved to 2022!

Unfortunatelly the worsening pandemic, the current ban on fairs in Germany and the on-going international travel restrictions have caused the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH to postopne TECHTEXTILE exhibition into the second quarter of 2022. This decision give us more time to visit our customers individually where its possible and get prepared for even greater event in 2022.

New machine in our range MTP/OP-12

Model MTP/OP-12 is our new machine, with individually controlled 4 heads winder. Denier range is from 5 to 20 thousands deniers and capacity up to 16kg for each head. Full specification can be downloaded here


Mahesh Twisto TEch europe

Mahesh Twisto Tech Europe Ltd. was established in 2019 and joined the Mahesh company family with the focus of providing the best customer service on highly demanding European market. Being partially owned by Mr. B.D.DEVANI, it becomes a sister company of Mahesh Twisto Tech PVT. LTD. – INDIA, working hand in hand closely together. Its represented by Mr. Tomas Sieder and Mr. Lukas Prazan, who are well experienced with rope making machines and European textile machinery market. With the full support of Mahesh Twisto Tech India, you can be sure to be in the best hands, while looking for any of our products for your European factory. 

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