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Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Manufacturer & Exporters of Rope Making Machines. The company holds a significant share of the Indian Market as well as have customer base in Global Presence. MTPL produces high quality machines, strong designs and reliable equipments for making ropes and other application related to it. Over the years MTPL has built a reputation of being one of the most respected market leaders.
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October Braiders batch distributed

October batch of braiders reached its customers. Next month we will get last batch for this year, confirming frequency 1 container each other month with 12-14 weeks delivery time.

Final batch of braiders in 2020 dispatched

Final 2020 delivery of the braiding machines is
on the way to our European warehouse in Czech.
Brisk and reliable HH production time allows us
to recieve and deliver these braiding machinese
to our customers in the beginning  of December, 
on time so factories can close for the Christmas   🙂

Visit of Turkey

Despite the pandemic situation getting worse in central Europe, we keep travelling visiting our customers, just got back from Turkey last week. This country develops a lot over the past 15 years and offers great potential in the textile segment.

cotton material on inflow twisters

Recently we help to set up the new inflow twister MTP/HP-100 for the cotton material. With the improved yarn guiding on the creel we were able to reach a maximum speed of 200 meters per minute, while the optimum speed is around 170-180 meters per minute. Very nice performance output, for such thin delicate material.

Tour de Portugal

Beginning of September, we made a trip to Portugal to install a new Mahesh machine at the customer factory. During this week, we visited also many customers for both our segments, braiding, and twisting machines. All this was made much easier with the great support of our local agent and friend, Mr. Vitor Araújo.

Braiding machines

Next batch of our braiding machines left the production and will reach our customers in Poland, Lithuania, Greece and France soon. Let´s continue in job what we like more than 20 years 🙂

New machine in our range MTP/OP-12

Model MTP/OP-12 is our new machine, with individually controlled 4 heads winder. Denier range is from 5 to 20 thousands deniers and capacity up to 16kg for each head. Full specification can be downloaded here


Latest delivery

Braiding machines reached our warehouse and quickly were on its way to customers followed by Mahesh EU team.

mahesh Factory running again

After mandatory Indian national shut down due to the covid, the Mahesh factory was opened in June and just finished for us stranding machine MTP/STR-6-232 with minimum delay. 

The machine is going to prepare strands up to 16mm diameter for large bobbins used on the big braiding machines. At such an application, braiding and twisting technology meet together to make the perfect products.

Braiding machines added to our range

We started cooperation with the company HH braiding machines, which extended our range of the textile machines for the new segment. 

We are now able to offer braiding machines, spare parts carriers and complete after sale service support for our European customers. Our strength is very good knowledge of the product and market, technical support and quick delivery in 10-12 weeks.

Technical datasheet of carriers in full resolution, can be downloaded in.pdf using this link.

CW-300 cheese winder

Latest new machine from our range is cheese winder CW-300, usually used behind the extrusion lines. Final package 400x300mm is used for the rope making machines or as feeding package for the inflow twisters. Denier range is 5000-45000 deniers and final product is in excellent quality. 


We joined our mother company during the PLASTIVISION exhibition in Mumbai, INDIA. Its part of our regular trips to India, followed with the visit of the factory in Bhavnagar and production tour for our European customers.

Mahesh Twisto TEch europe

Mahesh Twisto Tech Europe Ltd. was established in 2019 and joined the Mahesh company family with the focus of providing the best customer service on highly demanding European market. Being partially owned by Mr. B.D.DEVANI, it becomes a sister company of Mahesh Twisto Tech PVT. LTD. – INDIA, working hand in hand closely together. Its represented by Mr. Tomas Sieder and Mr. Lukas Prazan, who are well experienced with rope making machines and European textile machinery market. With the full support of Mahesh Twisto Tech India, you can be sure to be in the best hands, while looking for any of our products for your European factory. 

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