Key Features

  • User friendly touch screen display with separate desk.
  • All parameters and reading will be shown on display.
  • Denier setting can be done from the display screen.
  • Recipe based operating system for easy machine operating.
  • Timer based auto start up heating system.
  • Pneumatically operated transparent safety fence guard for Godet rollers.
  • Decreased line speed during Godet safety guard operation for easy yarn threading.
  • Emergency full length foot switches parallel to the Godet length for both Godet.
  • Energy calculation for production and power cost on display screen.
  • 3 zone pressure transmitters for precise control and denier accuracy.
  • Vector speed control system for more stretching accuracy.
  • Inter locking features to avoid the damages of machine components.
  • Shift wise, Daily, weekly and monthly production reports.
  • Machine Lubrication warning visible on display.
  • AC drive fault alarm indication on display.
  • Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity.
  • Remote monitoring / Remote maintenance.
  • Inbuilt guide for Extruder settings & User manual in HMI.
  • User access with password protection.
  • Extra Features for smooth and easy start.

Standard Extruder consists

  • Hopper Loader with hot air dryer.
  • Valve type screen changer with Back flushing arrangement.
  • Melt pump with pressure transmitter device.
  • DANLINE Die & head.
  • Quenching Tank with Up-down arrangement.
  • Godet-I with 7 nos. pulleys and pneumatically operated press rollers.
  • Hot Air Oven with double Blower.
  • Godet-II - 7 nos. pulleys and pneumatically operated double press rollers.
  • Broken yarn suction unit.
  • Electric control panel with multi-function energy meter and programmable Logic Control System.
  • Operating Desk with color resistive touch screen HMI.
  • Laptop with necessary connecting software and programs.
Model MTP/TP/ 75 MTP/TP/GF 80 MTP/TP/GF 90
Max. Output (Kg./Hr.) 110 250 275
Max Line Speed (MPM) 150 150 150
No. of Godet Rollers 5/7 5/7 5/7
Power 100 KVA 170 KVA 200 KVA
Weight (Approx.) Kgs. 8000 18000 19000